URBAN MUSIC REPORT  CHANNEL(UMR) is a global platform for live stream and on-demand audio, video and podcast content in music, comedy, and Pop Culture. The Urban Music Report  Channel is Distributed  on AppleTV Roku and Verizon ConnectedTV Platforms . 


Urban Music Report's Original Programming Consists of Live Musical Performances, Talk Shows, Breakout Music Videos and In-Depth Interviews. The Urban Music Report Channel Creates  Product Branding and Niche Target Marketing opportunities via television, radio, Internet, publishing and live event Marketing Platforms Globally. UMR is Strategic and Specific. UMR utilizes three strategic formats (Linear Television, ConnectedTV  Broadcasting and Social Media Network Marketing Campaigns designed to Impact, Influence and Engage Target Audiences. The Urban Music Report Channel attracts people within specific demographic and geographic profiles, Globally, that will assist advertisers accomplish their targeted goals. The overall combined Broadcast Coverage Platforms represent diverse audiences that exhibit overlapping and complimentary lifestyle habits and choices making them an ideal combo for advertisers.